The DataLife Engine Installation Wizard
Welcome to DataLife Engine 10.3 Final Installation Wizard. This wizard will help you install the script in just a couple of minutes. However, before you start, we strongly recommend that you read the documentations, as well as install instructions, which comes with this script package.

Before installation, make sure that all the distribution files are uploaded to the server, and also set the necessary permissions for the folders and files.

Please visit our full user guide for "System Requirements and Recommendations" and "Step by Step Guide" for complete details (or prefer to documents attached with this script package)

If you want to enable support SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in script engine, your web hosting must install module mod_rewrite and have it enabled to use. If you want to disable this feature, please delete file .htaccess in the root folder and in the installation process and simply choose "No" for Additional settings to disable this function.

Note: After you have successfully install Datalife Engine script and finish all system configurations and settings, please delete file install.php to avoid re-installation script (reinstallation will overwrite the recent data)!

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